Products and Services - Gold & Silver

We offer a comprehensive bouquet of offerings for all consumers of precious metals. As Indias leading innovator in the precious metals industry, we are focused on continuing to developing the much-needed physical and digital infrastructure required to support India's evolving precious metals economy.

We are proud to be one of Asia's largest refineries, importing gold and silver ore from over 20 mines globally. We are a recipient of one of the world's most sought after certifications for the quality of our refined gold and silver, the LBMA accreditation, and are the first and only refinery in India to have received it. Our attention to detail and exacting quality standards help us create products with an exceptional finish, thus cultivating a loyal base of customers.

Gold Buyback

MMTC-PAMP prides itself in global standards with Indian values, and commands the world’s most technologically advanced precious metals processing facility under the supervision of PAMP SA- a globally trusted refiner.


Refining Services

MMTC-PAMP has the largest BIS-certified refinery for gold and silver in India. We currently have an installed refining capacity of 300 tons of gold and 600 tons of silver per year. We process two distinct types of metal-bearing material; ore from our mining partners, and scrap material from the jewellery Industry. Our modern facilities have the technology to refine gold and silver up to '999.9+’ (four nine plus) purity to meet the highest technical and quality requirements across the globe.


Digital Gold

We have created one of the world’s first gold accounts that can be accessed digitally. This feature allows us to serve an emerging digitally oriented consumer market while also bringing in  material transparency into gold transactions. In keeping with India’s transition to a digital economy, we have designed a range of digital plans for the Indian consumer.

Retail Outlets

MMTC-PAMP has undertaken an ambitious initiative to empower gold consumers across the country through the creation of a nation-wide network of retail outlets, a one-stop solution for all things gold.



MMTC-PAMP recently established a separate business vertical focused on providing products and solutions for Industrial customers of precious metals. These will be developed in close collaboration with the customer and will mainly be silver-based, with some platinum and palladium-based offerings.

Master Alloys

Traditionally, Jewellery is manufactured by casting in an open/closed (Inert) system or by handcrafted using strips or rods. In all the above operations, 24 karat Gold is converted to lower karatage i.e. 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K & 9K by adding elements such as silver, copper, zinc and other metals in small quantity for deoxidizing and grain refining. MMTC-PAMP, a premier gold and silver refinery in India, offers a variety of superior quality master alloy as a substitute to the above individual metal additions. These alloys, when added to gold, meet the specific need of all jewellery casting as well as handcrafted applications such as karat, colour, and working properties. A fundamental foundation for all of our products is our precious metal refining and analytical testing capabilities to produce and certify gold and silver of 9999.9 fineness. A state of the art Chemical Analysis Laboratory equipped to perform full chemical analysis of pure metals and alloys like Spark Spectrometry, ICP OES, Potentiometer and XRF aided with stringent quality control procedures, consistently guarantees the high standard of our alloys.

IT Solutions

As we strategically build up India’s gold infrastructure, our world class IT Solutions Division based out of Bangalore plays a key role in our global success. Our technology team, comprising a set of highly skilled engineers, generate bespoke solutions for the global precious metals industry.