At MMTC-PAMP, we are committed to securing a place for India at the heart of the international bullion market through sustainable processes and initiatives.

Sustainability is the foundation upon which we have built all our processes, from production to people. Various aspects including environmental compliance, conflict-free minerals and grassroots people-centric initiatives are the cornerstone of what we do. In addition, we follow stringent protocols to ensure that our partners in the supply chain act responsibly across the full production cycle.

We believe that sustainability also encompasses building an enduring and resilient business, for which we place great importance on risk management, financial sustainability, counterparty due diligence, business diversification, employee safety and sustainability reporting.

Building Sustainable Communities

We believe in strengthening local communities and supporting them on their journey to improved welfare and greater equality. Through our grassroots, people-centric initiatives, we focus on critical development aspects such as technical education, skill development and sanitation.

Making safe drinking water accessible

Mewat, Haryana is one of the most water-scarce districts in India, with an entrenched problem of lack of access to safe drinking water. Our initiatives focus on energy-efficient and cost-effective modes of water purification, as well as awareness programmes on the issue amongst community members in the area.

One of our earliest forays into sustainability addressed the entrenched lack of access to safe drinking water in Mewat, Haryana (where our Plant is located); one of the most water-scarce districts in India. We built energy-efficient and cost-effective water purification units and now, in addition to maintaining them, also conduct awareness programmes in our community.

Building the community

As part of our mission to strengthen local ecosystems, we also implement initiatives that help build more accessible and safer public spaces as a means to better health and greater wellbeing. MMTC-PAMP has constructed two fully-fitted multipurpose halls with restrooms for the Rojka- Meo and Nuh police stations in Haryana. Our efforts have been recognized three years in a row since 2016 by the Haryana State Government for “Outstanding Contribution to CSR Projects in Mewat District”.

Nurturing technical education

We also recognize that skilling and education are vitally important in order to build communities with a strong social fabric. In light of this, we partnered with Shri Ram College of Engineering and Management (SRCEM) to offer a 2-year training programme. Based on our extensive learnings, we are now positioned to collaborate with SkillSonics India, a National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) approved Training Partner, for a Swiss–certified VET Curriculum to equip students with trade–specific skills.

2020 Sustainability Report

Stewardship of Our Environment

MMTC-PAMP is extremely dedicated to being mindful about the impact of its business on the environment, and upholds the Global Green Standards. Our strategy to ensure efficient end-to-end functioning and sustainable growth with minimal negative impact on surrounding ecosystems comprises six pillars – Life Cycle Assessment, Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, Emission Monitoring, Water Management, and Chemical Composition monitoring. We have a 100% recycling policy for the water we use in our processes. Additionally, we ensure best practices in conservation through rainwater harvesting and the use of solar power. Our efforts have resulted in two internationally recognised certifications – the ISO 14001 for efficient environmental management and the SA 8000, the hallmark of social accountability.

Responsible Gold

We invest in ensuring an ethical value chain for our offerings, and follow best practices in good governance and the highest standards set by global bodies to weed out potential human rights violations, conflict sourcing, and corruption.

Accountability to our customers through stringent anti money laundering controls

As part of our responsibility to our most important stakeholders– our customers– we work hard to ensure transparent engagement across the board. We have gone above and beyond regulatory KYC standards and instituted a strict no-cash transaction policy that aligns with good governance practices in the post-demonetisation era in India. We follow extremely stringent anti-money laundering policies, implemented through comprehensive management systems. These include rigorous risk-based due diligence procedures before entering new commercial relationships. The policy also ensures continuous monitoring of transactions using a risk-based approach.

Building a sustainable ethical value chain by complying with Responsible Gold Guidelines

Responsible supply chain management is non-negotiable for us and we take deep pride in producing sustainably sourced precious metals. Following the Responsible Precious Metals Policy established by our parent company, the MKS PAMP Group, our supply chain due diligence is audited annually by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Our effective management and control systems and protocols conform to the stringent standards of the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance, making us the first and only refinery in India to hold the coveted and independently audited Responsible Gold certification till date.
Additionally, MMTC-PAMP is also a Certified Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council- another first for precious metals refineries in India.