Master Alloys

Traditionally, Jewellery is manufactured by casting in an open/closed (Inert) system or by handcrafted using strips or rods. In all the above operations, 24 karat Gold is converted to lower karatage i.e. 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K & 9K by adding elements such as silver, copper, zinc and other metals in small quantity for deoxidizing and grain refining. MMTC-PAMP, a premier gold and silver refinery in India, offers a variety of superior quality master alloy as a substitute to the above individual metal additions. These alloys, when added to gold, meet the specific need of all jewellery casting as well as handcrafted applications such as karat, colour, and working properties. A fundamental foundation for all of our products is our precious metal refining and analytical testing capabilities to produce and certify gold and silver of 9999.9 fineness. A state of the art Chemical Analysis Laboratory equipped to perform full chemical analysis of pure metals and alloys like Spark Spectrometry, ICP OES, Potentiometer and XRF aided with stringent quality control procedures, consistently guarantees the high standard of our alloys.

Every batch of the master alloy is manufactured using premium quality raw material, optimal quantities of deoxidizer, grain growth inhibitor and is free from lead, cadmium, or any other noxious element. Implementation of strict quality control procedures at all levels ensure that these alloys stand out  by minimizing various issues related to porosity, gold loss, homogeneity, cracking, tarnishing & hardness  without affecting the colour and karatage. Each batch is subjected to a compulsory performance process, replicating a true-life cycle run before dispatching to the customer. Our experienced metallurgists and laboratory chemists work in collaboration with the customer and offer failure-analysis till the root cause is ascertained and eliminated. Through off-site as well as onsite collaboration, we stand out in our continuous endeavour of developing new products and provide a solution to our valuable clients .