One Team

We are a global business driven by a diverse set of individuals united by a common vision.  Built on the cornerstones of equal opportunity, we consider our people to be the most important stakeholders in our journey. 

Our people-centric approach provides every employee a voice and opportunity to grow as part of one cohesive team. We are coaching-led, investing in continuous training for our people across all spaces in the business.

In addition to our multiple leadership development programmes, we work hard to create a space where team members can constructively engage with each other and cultivate meaningful relationships and experiences outside the scope of their work life.   

We proudly follow and promote the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and International Labor Organization (ILO) requirements in our actions, processes and system.

Safe Workplace

At MMTC-PAMP, safety at work encompasses multiple dimensions and we have put in place several initiatives to help prioritise the emotional and physical well-being of our people. 

In compliance with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), we have designed a comprehensive programme to prevent, recognize and address instances of sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behaviour. We host training workshops at all levels, and at regular intervals, to create awareness about the law, including training of the Internal Committees.

We are SA 8000 certified, upholding social performance expectations relating to all the basic regulations around aspects like Child labour Forced/Compulsory, Labour Health and Safety, Freedom Of Association And Right To Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary practices, Working hours, Remuneration and Management Systems. 

Additionally, being a manufacturing business at our core, we recognize the fundamental right of every person to health and safety in the work environment. We are committed to providing safe working conditions for all, and ensuring the physical security of our people across all properties, and in transit.



For us at MMTC-PAMP, diversity is an ongoing conversation that is the foundation for fresh ideas. We welcome individuals from multiple walks of life, geographies and skill sets into our midst, and support our teams with a culture of equal access, which in turn creates the space for innovation.

We know that where we work can reimagine the way we work. Our state-of-the-art office, designed by multi-disciplinary design studio ‘Architecture Discipline’ provides a creative space that encourages innovation, creative thinking and enterprise. With modern day care facilities in our offices for our teams, we provide an inclusive workplace for all our teams.

We believe that innovation can only happen if we achieve an inclusive gender ratio. We encourage gender representation across senior management and our teams on the ground.  Where possible, we prefer to partner with leading domestic and global women-founded startups such as SHEROES, CATALYST, AP Acquire, and Cuberoute, and recruit from innovative women focused programs such as Vedica Scholars. We take pride in employing the industry’s first female assayers and put in inclusive hiring and employee management practices. Gender equality is a strategic goal for MMTC-PAMP and our focused efforts have allowed us to double our gender ratio during the last two years.