Minted Ingots

The Lotus Design

The Lotus flower symbolizes long life, honour and good fortune, triumph and purity of heart and mind. MMTC-PAMP India’s distinctive Lotus motif depicts a pair of hands holding a Lotus flower. With its clean lines, fine aesthetics and an unparalleled finish, this iconic design portrays the assurance of MMTC-PAMP India quality and authenticity.

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Endorsed by PAMP SA

MMTC-PAMP India operates under the direct technical control and supervision of PAMP. PAMP fully endorses MMTC-PAMP India’s production including consistency in quality, purity and assurance.

Exacting Quality Standards

Bars are produced by the world’s most modern precious metals refining and manufacturing plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology throughout and with the most advanced environmental infrastructure and safeguards that meet the most stringent regulatory standards.

Fine Details

Products feature an exceptionally high quality finish. Handsome designs add value to the fine precious metal content, making MMTC-PAMP bars coveted and collectible.

Authenticity and Identification

Each bar is individually registered and sealed in signed, protective CertiPAMP™ packaging that guarantees the assayed fine precious metals content, weight and quality.


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