MMTC-PAMP Retail Centers - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Retail centers?
MMTC-PAMP have their own flagship stores. If you have a piece of jewellery or anything Gold and want to know the purity, you can visit us/book an appointment.
We melt your gold and certify the purity using XRF method. The entire process is transparent and recorded on camera. The end to end process takes up to 45 minutes for up to 2kg. 
You can also buy MMTC-PAMP coins and bars at these stores. 
And lastly, our retail centers serve as Gold collection and testing centers for Gold monetization scheme customers of banks.
Where all do you have Retail centers?
North – Delhi (Karol Bagh, Lajpat Nagar and Chandni Chowk), Ludhinana
West – Ahmedabad, Mumbai (Zaveri Bazaar)
South – Bengaluru, Chennai, Vijaywada, Thrissur, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad
How do you test the purity of the Gold?
The purity verification process operates on the principle of creating a homogenous melt. 
The gold purity in the sample is determined using a, high intensity X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) that detects the presence of all metals, and where accuracy is as good as 1-2 parts per thousand. 
All results are system –generated and the verified purity gold is delivered to the consumer in a sealed packaging, accompanied by a certificate of its gold content. 
Do you also test the purity for Silver?

Currently, we do not test the purity for Silver. 

How am I assured of integrity of the purity verification process?
Our precision-weighing scale is calibrated daily using check-weights. Our centers have the most comprehensive range of reference samples for calibrating our high caliber XRF. 
Once calibrated, both weight and purity results are system generated, with no manual intervention.
What is the limit of cash transactions at the centers?

INR 2 lakhs is the maximum allowed for cash transaction. For any transaction equal to or greater than INR 2 lakhs, the transaction cannot be done in cash. Also, you are required to complete your KYC as per applicable norms. 

What are the requirements to onboard a customer?

You need to complete our KYC requirements.