Coins, Bars & Gold Buyback - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sovereign?
Sovereign which you know as the ‘Guinea’ is India’s most renowned commemorative coin. Today it is synonymous for any 22K Gold coin of 8g denomination. However, the original Sovereign or Guinea is a flagship product of the Royal Mint, UK’s official mint, with over 1,000 years of heritage and experience.
The Sovereign is the most tightly specified coin in the world. Its weight is faithfully specified to five decimal points, guaranteed by the UK Coinage Act of 1971. The Sovereign’s 22 carat gold is assured by the same stringent independent quality control process which has been established for over 750 years. All Sovereigns, including the Indian Sovereign, has its weight and gold content verified at the Trial of the Pyx which is an exacting independent trial dating back to at least 1982.
The Indian Sovereign has been struck by MMTC-PAMP in a specially created environment using tools from the Royal Mint and our exacting standards. Each of these exotic Sovereigns are indistinguishable from those struck by The Royal Mint with one exception; they will bear the sought after “I” mintmark, just above the year of striking. The “I” stands for India.
Why is the Guinea not yellow in colour?

In the genuine Sovereign 91.67% is Gold and the remaining is Copper. Copper gives the coin its rose colour. 

How we can differentiate between the original sovereign and counterfeit?

The original sovereign has a special ‘I’ mark on the front side under the design of King George and the Dragon. This ‘I’ stands for India to indicate the coin was minted in India on behalf of the Royal Mint. Other sovereigns in the market will not have this feature. Further if they have an Indian hallmark, it is not the original Sovereign, rather the Sovereign undergoes its own quality check in the Trial of Pyx carried out in the City of London.

What is so special about the Tola?
Tola is a Vedic measure, with the name derived from the Sanskrit word ‘tol’ meaning ‘weighing’ or ‘weight’. Since ancient times, the Tola was the standard measure of gold and silver bullion. One Tola was traditionally the weight of 100 ratti seeds, and its exact weight varied according to locality. The Tola was the legal weight of 19th Century Indian coins, notably the silver Rupee and the gold Mohur. The metric system defines the Tola as exactly 11.6638 grams.
We Offer Silver Tola, which comes with the following features: Exact weight of tola upto 4 decimal value, Unique octagonal shape, Knurled edge, Intricate beading, Combination of mirror and frosted finish
Available denominations: 1 Tola (11.6638 gm) ½ Tola (5.8319 gm) and ¼ Tola (2.9159 gm)
What kind of printing is done on the silver products? Will the colour fade?

We do PAD printing. As long as you don’t scratch the coin, the colour will not go.  

Does the colour add to the weight of the product?

No. It is over and above the weight of the product.

Will silver coins oxidise/tarnish?
MMTC-PAMP only mints fine silver (999.9 purity) products. 
Fine Silver is prone to tarnish, a chemical reaction when fine silver comes into contact with oxygen and other impurities in the air. Your silver products may appear yellow or grey, if tarnished. On the other hand, Silver mixed with alloys help in protecting the product from tarnishing, but these alloys reduce the fineness (purity) of the Silver.
How can I prevent tarnishing?
We are sharing a few tips that may help you prevent tarnishing by reducing the exposure of your Silver product to oxidation:
Place your products in vacuum sealed packaging and in a dry place
Refrain from using zip lock bags or plastic bags 
Do not take out the product from sealed packaging
What kind of customization do you do?

We can make any design you desire. From 3-D to coloured printing, to creating a customized packaging, we work closely with you to deliver what you seek.

Is there a minimum quantity required for custom minting?

No minimum quantity but the ultimate price depends on the quantity of the order. 

Is there a minimum price to be paid for custom minting?
The price of making a customised die is the bare minimum that has to be paid for any custom order. 
The order quantity and the intricacies of your design will determine the final price. 
Do you have a buyback policy?

Yes. We offer a buyback policy on Gold products. These can be availed across any of our retail centers. Please refer to the list of retail centers here