The First-timer’s Guide to Digital Gold and What it Means for You

A modern-day investment option, digital gold is bought online and stored in insured vaults of the seller on your behalf. This 24 Karat secured investment can be made via multiple mobile payment platforms and internet banking portals from anywhere in the world. Safer than purchasing physical gold, especially during a pandemic, digital gold is the need of the hour to help diversify a portfolio. Every purchase of digital gold once confirmed by you is then physically bought and stored securely under your name by the seller. As a first time buyer, here is a guide to help you get acquainted with digital gold: 


Where to Buy 


The first question any first-timer has is where to buy gold online ? In India today, digital gold is available on all e-wallets like PhonePe, Paytm, GooglePay, and more. Besides these apps, MMTC PAMP, the world’s most trusted and renowned refiner of gold and silver, lists and sells gold online. When you buy from an authorized producer like MMTC PAMP, there is no intermediate broker, nor do you have to worry about the authenticity of your gold, resale policy, or its purity. 

When you purchase digital gold from the joint venture between the Government of India Undertaking and MMTC Ltd and PAMP S.A. of Switzerland, you are buying only 999.9 pure gold.

Advantages of Buying Digital Gold

1. Transparency in Pricing 

One of the advantages of purchasing digital gold from MMTC PAMP is the access to quality pure gold at live market rates. The LBMA-accredited precious metal refinery allows buyers to buy digital gold at international market rates, 24 hours round the clock, 365 days of the year. 


After purchasing, whether after a day, a year, or ten, you can resell your digital gold back to MMTC PAMP at the current market price. The prices are not affected by local factors including large events such as a pandemic, so you receive the entire resale value directly into your bank account. 


2. Secure Transaction 

Running one of the largest gold ecosystems in the world, MMTC PAMP won the ‘Best Refiner of the Year’ from 2013 to 2019. From a minimum purchase value of Re.1, the gold you buy digitally is also physically bought in your name and stored in insured vaults of MMTC. The responsibility of safely storing the gold lies with the seller and reduces the risk of theft or loss on your end. 

3. Exchanging Digital Gold 

Apart from enjoying the flexibility of selling your digital gold at a live current market price, you can also exchange your gold for coins and bars that will be delivered right to your doorstep. 


Gold is more than just an investment for Indians. It is a sentiment that comes particularly handy in times of crisis. One of the best ways to diversify your portfolio is to invest in digital gold. It has endless advantages like flexible investment amounts, no additional charges for resale, quality assurance, and 999.9 purity guaranteed. To know more about how to build your pure gold portfolio online, head over the MMTC PAMP website here. 


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