Types of Gold & Craftsmanship

Types of Gold & Craftsmanship
Types of Gold - MMTC PAMP

Gold is also available in a variety of colors-
Yellow gold is a natural color of gold that is held together by copper and silver.
Copper, nickel, and zinc are mixed with bright yellow gold.
White gold has a high amount of silver, zinc, and nickel.
Pink or rose gold contains a greater amount of copper in addition to zinc and silver.
Refined copper, silver, and zinc are combined to create deep green gold.
Bright red gold is made up of gold and a significant amount of copper.
The technique for crafting gold is precious as it also indicates the item's purity. With MMTC-PAMP, you can get the purest form of gold. Intricate designs are created with the world's most modern, cutting-edge Swiss technology. MMTC-PAMP Gold is unrivaled in terms of artistry. Every gold coin produced by MMTC-PAMP is subjected to a thorough purifying procedure to assure the metal's purity of 999.9 +. Each MMTC-PAMP product has a unique number wrapped in an Assayer approved certicard to confirm its validity. Both freshly announced items have the MMTC-PAMP authenticity seal and meet the expectations of the highest purity and exquisite Swiss craftsmanship available anywhere in the world. The timeless collection of lotus series, the elegant peacock series, the auspicious banyan series and the exceptionally crafted love forever series, the lucky charm oval perforated series, the divine Lakshmi-Ganesh series all set an example of extraordinary craftsmanship.
Here is one such product minted on 999.9 pure gold, the Tola series, that portrays the history of tola, which means a unit of measurement. Let's dive into the details of this classic Tola collection, but before that, let's find out the basic meaning of tola -
Tola, often spelled tolah or tole, is a Hindi phrase used to measure gold in India and other Asian nations. The name tola has its origins in the Vedic era, when it was used to weigh grain and seed. Tola derives from the Sanskrit word 'Tol,' which signifies weight or weighing. Tola's precise weight has always fluctuated since it was primarily calculated by the weight of 100 Ratti seeds. Tola is used as a gold bar denomination in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Singapore. Ten tola bar is the most often traded metal among these.