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What’s the Most Efficient Way to Sell Digital Gold in India?

One of the world’s most secure online investment instruments, certified 24 Karat digital gold, can be both bought and sold efficiently in India today. Indians have always had an emotional connection with gold, whether it is in the form of physical jewellery, or an intangible investment. However, with a pandemic in play, people are slowly becoming reluctant to visit their staple jewellery stores, and are also becoming more aware of the advantages of investing in digital gold. An investment that begins from as low as ₹ 1, can go up to a cumulative value of ₹2 lakhs in a single day. 

The second-largest market for gold, India owns over 26,000 tons of gold worth over $1000 billion. Running this ecosystem behind retail is MMTC-PAMP, a merger between Switzerland-based bullion brand, PAMP SA, and MMTC Ltd, a Government of India undertaking. 25% of all the refining requirements are fulfilled by MMTC, with a focus to deliver only 999.9 purity. 

The MMTC-PAMP Process of Selling Digital Gold


●    Purity 

When you buy digital gold from MMTC-PAMP, you invest in 999.9 pure physical gold (24 Karat). This gold, owned exclusively by you, is stored in the MMTC app’s vault and can be sold anytime at the current market price. 


●    Pricing 

An LBMA accredited gold and silver refinery, MMTC PAMP links its pricing to international market rates that are available 365 days of the year, 24 hours round the clock. Once you decide to sell your digital gold, your money will be instantly transferred to your bank account after a day or even ten years. The easy, secure, and transparent buyback policy at MMTC PAMP makes selling gold absolutely hassle-free. Simply resell your investment at the current market price, and receive the resale amount in your bank account. 


●    Security

If there is one thing that poses a potential doubt among online gold buyers, it is the authenticity of their purchase. However, with MMTC PAMP, your investment is as secure as it can be. Make multiple small transactions to build a strong portfolio that is secured against external threats in a safe MMTC PAMP vault. Every investment you make is assured by Government regulations and remains unaffected by local factors, including a pandemic. If and when you wish to sell your purchase, pricing for digital gold is linked to a wholesale market, so you do not end up paying any additional charges for the sale. 


When selling your digital gold, all applicable taxes are added over and above the price of gold, and included in your final invoice. 


Established to ensure the industry’s best production practices and fair pricing to all, MMTC-PAMP is the most trusted source if you wish to unlock the true value of your digital gold. Simply head over to any of these MMTC-PAMP purity assessing centres in your city and make the most of your investment. 


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